The in-flight announcement in U.S. is too cool !!  How do Japanese react??・・・

Usually, CA don’t make a joke during in-flight announcement in Japan airplane.

After all, telling a joke has a possibility of offending people, even workplace. It’s very risky.

But, in America which has open-mind, we can see the way of service which isn’t observed in Japan.

This time, I’m going to introduce the in-flight announcement which is so cool in U.S. airplane.

So, let’s see the reaction of Japanese!!!

How is the reaction of Japanese ・・・??

  • It’s cool,,,
  • If we express such as humor in Japan, we are angered seriously,,,, There must be national characteristic.
  • That’s good. But if it had happened in Japan, it would have taken criticism.
  • If students having fun during school trip board the plane, I think the humor in- flight announcement is a good memory for them.
  • It’s good!! Passengers are having fun.
  • It cheers me up when I listen to the announcement.♡
  • If I could board a plane like that, it would be a good memory I will never forget.
  • If it is a United Airplanes, there is only stiff greeting. But, if it is a Southwestern Airlines, there is a rapper and beautiful woman.
  • I like such as mind which Japanese don’t have.
  • I laughed a lot at the bias toward the United Airlines.
  • I respect the person who can give an entertainment to people in such a way.
  • I think white and black are better because they are surrounded by music and have a sense of rhythm.
  • This is wonderful!!
  • This airline company is great because such as an announcement get permitted.
  • I really envy U.S. . I want to board a plane like this.
  • It is too cool!! It is impossible in Japan.
  • The in-flight announcement is so funny.
  • I want to board this airplane~.
  • The rap in English is cool.
  • If the in-fight announcement is done in school trip, students must pick up stream.
  • The final joke including irony is very very funny.
  • What is this!!?? That’s amazing,, I saw such as an in-flight announcement for the first time.
  • I want to take a seat in front of this airplane!! It’s so cool!!

In conclusion

The rap is too nice!

And, the joke is very cool, ジョークもとてもクールだし、

I really want an ability like that!!