What is it like to study at the University of Columbia?
Let’s see how Japanese people react to the campus life at Columbia…

  • August 12, 2020
  • August 11, 2020
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Hi. Guys. How did you spend your university days?

How is your university life going?

If you are currently an university student, I’m sure that you have many things to do such as studying, dating, and hanging out with your friends.

I think it is the same in the US, right?

This time let’s look at the students’ lives at Columbia University, which is one of the most prestigious universities in the US.

Now, let’s see how Japanese viewers react to the university life at Columbia.

Japanese reaction

  • How amazing it is to study at the University of Columbia.
  • Even the student of Columbia becomes happy when a lecture is cancelled.
  • I wish I could have a university life like him…
  • It is surprising that there is an athletic field in the gym!
  • It seems that American students go to university in order to study!
  • In Japan, however, students go to university in order to get a job.
  • He seems to enjoy his university life. He motivated me to enjoy my university life.
  • It seems that he is enjoying his university life, but it seems to me that it is hard to catch up with studies. I wish him the best of luck!!
  • He is very smart. I wonder what his ranking was in his high school days.
  • He does not have much time to spend alone.
    If he were alone, it would be very difficult for him to do his homework on his own.
    He seems to enjoy his university life!
  • After I watched this video, I was motivated to study hard!
  • The University of Columbia!!!! He is excellent! Wow, he’s amazing.
  • If I studied abroad, I would not be able to even buy breakfast (because my English is so bad).
  • It’s a cool video!
  • I laughed when I watched the scene where the class was cancelled.
  • It would be too difficult for me to study abroad because I do not have good English skills as well as communication skills.
  • Most of the students have Macintosh laptops.
  • He reminds me of my university life in the U.S. I’ll do my best!
  • The University of Columbia lol He is such an elite.
  • So, students can eat and drink in the library…?
    That’s nice! He is studying hard and exercising hard? It’s cool!
  • What time does he usually go to bed and get up? Please let me know.
  • Ordinary university student: Hehe the class was cancelled. Let’s get back to sleep.
  • He’s too busy!!
  • I admire him. ✨🤩


He looks so busy because he is a Columbia University student.

Maybe it is common in the world that students become happy when a class is cancelled.