The mecca of Gossip Girl -Brooklyn- is so exciting!!
How do the Japanese reacts??

Hi, everyone ! Do you know “Gossip Girl” ?

Gossip Girl is a love story television series

about high school students of wealthy class in New York.

The first impression of this drama is the top of clique in a high school! lol

Gossip Girl has been broadcasted in Japan.

It is one of the most popular teen drama.

Brooklyn has a lot of shooting place for Gossip Girl.

It is wonderful place for Gossip Girl fans!

And, you can have fun in Brooklyn, even if you haven’t ever watched Gossip Girl.

Because Brooklyn is a city of very exciting fashion and art!

So, let’s see the reactions of Japanese people who have watched above video of Brooklyn!

How do the Japanese reacts??

  • I watched Gossip Girl.
    It was a nice location.
    I wanna cill out with some books at a cafe in Brooklyn.
  • It’s great! I have lived in New York, so this vlog excited me and I want to go back again.♡
  • A garden of The river cafe is beautiful☘️
  • I love the atmosphere of Brooklyn❤️😘
  • I wanna go there♥️
  • I was expecting a video like that!! I really want to travel in NY!
  • So nice!!😍
  • I was very excited, because I’m a big fan of Gossip girl. 😭❤️❤️❤️
  • It looked to be buildings like any other, but I’d like to go there when I travel New York. 💗💗💗
    All location was amazing, so I want to go everyplace.✨
  • It’s amazing! I must go to Brooklyn!
  • nice.😃
  • I was dreaming to go to LA and Florida, but I felt like going New York.😳
    Especially the vintage shop…💕
  • I’m high school student, and working in U.S.A is my dream! Where is your recommend place to live in U.S.A?
  • Actually I’d not like to tell anybody my secret… A rooftop bar at “1 Hotel” that was opened recently is really good.
    It is good mood and scenic place, so you can feel like to be a New Yorker (like the world of Gossip Girl).
  • I go to New York tomorrow, so that is very useful! I can’t wait!
  • I would like to pilgrimage to mecca of gossip girl.😂😂
  • It is just a city like Tokyo, but Brooklyn has another attractiveness.
  • Definitely, New York is the best city of the world! It’s fashionable and scenic place!
  • I have never been to U.S, so this vlog will be helpful someday!
  • This all around scenery is picturesque!


Researching previously is very helpful to enjoy trips.

It will make your travel more enjoyable.

It is very effective to visit shooting places

after watching the dramas and movies!