How amazing Disneyland in California is!
Let’s see how Japanese people react to the Disneyland in California…

  • August 25, 2020
  • August 25, 2020
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There are six Disney Lands in the world – in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Paris, Florida and California!!

Tokyo Disney Land is very popular among Japanese people!!!

( The following is an article about Tokyo Disney Land: link)

Tokyo Disney Land surprisingly has 90% of repeat visitors. No matter how many times you visit there, you can always enjoy the dream world. That is Tokyo Disney Land.

Now, we are going to introduce the original Disneyland – Disneyland in California – to you!

This is a water show called “World of color,” and it is done by creating a screen called “water screen” using the mist. They cast some videos onto the water screen.

It is really like an American style that they use the latest technology.

( Please be careful; if you sit in the front row, you get the splash of water lol. )

Above all, one of the biggest events would be the night parade, right?

If you see the American parade, I think you are interested in the scale of the parade.

Now, let’s see how Japanese viewers react to watching the American Disneyland’s parade!!

  Japanese reaction ・・・

  • It is good that there are differences between Japanese parades and oversea’s parades. I was moved by Japanese parades. I got excited when I watched American parades.
  • The remix is amazing.
  • I wish I could go to the US for a school trip.
  • Characters that appear in the American parades not only wave their hands but also perform something!!!
  • They can see a variety of characters very well.
  • In addition, it is amazing that they integrate the American atmosphere with the parades.
  • It is amazing that each character’s personality is well-expressed.
  • How amazing the American parades are!
  • Oh, really!? American pop music is played during the parade? Wow lol
  • It is awesome!! I wish I could go there.
  • I was impressed when I watched the video.
    Everything, (including the music, the characters, and the atmosphere,) was great…
    If I watch the real parade, I will probably be moved to tears.
  • The entire atmosphere looks like a nightclub.
  • It is excellent!! Someday, I want to go to California.
  • The quality of each performance is very high. I assume the cost is very expensive.
  • I love this music.
  • Everything is awesome.
  • The quality of the Car’s parade is amazing!! I wish I could go there once!!
  • Hats off…
  • It is more like a show rather than a parade. This is great. The viewers will never get bored.
  • I want to go to the original Disneyland once.
  • The parade was very gorgeous from the beginning to the end. In a sense, I felt that the parade was really like an American style.
  • Both the music and the performance are wonderful!!
  • It is great. I really enjoyed watching the parade since it was really like an American style.


As expected, there were many comments such as ”how amazing the original American Disneyland is!”

From a Japanese point of view, the atmosphere of the parade was like a nightclub, and it made me excited!

I wish I could go there once in my life!