The difference of customer service between Japanese and U.S ! How do the Japanese react ?

  • August 25, 2020
  • August 25, 2020
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A comparison video about work styles of customer center between Japan and U.S.A

It’s totally different their behavior by telephone to an invisible person.

There is a word “customer first” in Japan. Japanese people think customers should be dealt as top priority, so they apologize to customer even if it is an invisible person on the wire.

So, let me introduce how do the Japanese people see the work style of customer center of American!

How are the Japanese reactions?

  • I like Japan if I were a customer, but I like U.S if I were a worker. lol
  • It’s a very detailed comparison video! I want to adopt good sides both Japan and U.S.A and work happily!
  • I like the American style because the Japanese style is really detailed. I don’t want to force my works on others, but I want to work sloppy a little.
  • It changed from green tea to Starbucks. lol
  • It’s funny he never answer the phone call.
  • It made me feel like I wanna work in Japan.
  • I noticed Japanese people are very serious. I wanna go U.S.A!!!
  • It’s very helpful. I really thank you.
  • Japan is very stiff in a lot of ways. We should be more rough on each other.
  • U.S. is better.
  • His acting as a Japanese was great!
  • I laughed the beginning of U.S.A part.
  • It seems like American style has something I desire…
  • I think it will be a great company if it mixed moderately both Japan and U.S.A.
    • “I think it will be a great company if it mixed moderately both Japan and U.S.A.” That’s right!!
  • I don’t know American side but it was great from the telephone response to after care of Japanese side. It was perfect.
  • Japanese people do work at hand early, so that’s why they developed… They are common things that Japanese people strict at their subordinates.
  • Absolutely the American desk is better!!
  • I was convinced of American office suits me even though I’m Japanese.
  • This video made me feel like I don’t want to go to work the day after tomorrow. lol I envy the relaxed mood of American office…
  • It’s funny. American people work more cleverly than Japanese do.


After all, we would like to work comfortably as a worker, so you don’t want to apologize many times, right?

And, it is glad to get contacts on the exact time, but It’s pathetic that they did such a bad communication on the other side.

I want to prevent my health from damaging work too much.